Wednesday, January 11, 2012

✩ Monetize. Localize. Advertise. ✩

Betcha didn’t know that’s what MOLOAD actually stands for, did you?

We here at MOLOAD Social Media Management are pleased to now have ourselves a home here at Blogspot, with thanks to our beneficiaries over at TSĒVO Digital Business. And we’d like to welcome and thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, but mostly your curiosity.

Our team is eager to meet you in the coming months, and introduce you to our powerful new online services which can automate and simplify all those tasks required just to simply keep up with your daily social media & networking duties.

For ease, you’ll also find MOLOAD at many of your favorite social media sites:

           Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Google+  |  Tumblr  |  YouTube  |  Picasa

Thanks, it’s been quite nice to meet you all.

And MOLOAD looks forward to soon focusing on your social media technology, so that you can better focus on your business.